Psychic Counseling and Energy Healing

As a psychic healer, I'm often met with curiosity and skepticism when I tell people I do "Energy Healing or Energy Work". Well, what's that? They'd asked me. When I allude it to acupuncture and Eastern medicine, they seem to understand it better in regards to "Qi" or "Chi" as life force energy. I tell them it's non-invasive, so no needles to activate the energy flow, and they can keep their clothes on. Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the patients' subtle energy system to remove blocks and aid in quick recovery. By breaking through and removing these blocks, the patients' bodies are stimulated to quickly heal itself and re-balance. Are you interested in Energy Healing? Then book an appointment with me for a private in-person session or via distant healing:

[dopbsp id="1" lang="en"] What to expect from Energy Healing? A session with me includes pre-screening, bio-scan, and diagnoses. The treatment methods are a combination of psychic counseling, ley-line bodywork, and therapy; Energy Healing is a holistic approach to health, so I work on the whole body system and it can be accompanied by Western Medicines to further assist a patient's recovery. I have worked on a client with liver issues, unbeknownst to the person, where I've encouraged the client to get blood work done which confirmed a high level of liver enzymes. Learn more about Energy Healing and book a session today: "Free Universal Energy"

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Olive is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with 20 years of experience in Energy Medicine under the late Master Loung Minh Dang's Human and Universal Energy healing modality; a psychic that uses her abilities within the light side to aid humanity in healing and transformation, an artist by hobby and trade.

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