Dream Analysis 6: Looking Back

No trace of slavery ought to mix with the studies of the freeborn man. No study, pursued under compulsion, remains rooted in the memory.
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Please read part 4 of Dream Analysis 5: The Dream That Save My Life as this is a continuation of the blog series. It’ll help you understand the post as I proceed.

As I wrote my last blog entry, I’m coming closer to the truth of how they operate. There’s technological involvement, I’m sure of it, but there’s also element that’s more spiritual or dimensional (or advance conscious manipulation that I’m trying to comprehend.) Elements that very few human consider as a normal aspect of reality or conscious perception because we’re so indoctrinated in the physical matter and its law. (By the way, I want to congratulate the science community in finding the Higgs Particle. This will bring humanity closer to anti-gravity technology another aspect of me is aware of that.) The last blog entry, I came close to how alien mental acuity overpowers ours and interface with our view of the world. How they hide within our psyche and operate us unknowingly, giving us their fear and distorted thoughts, and how our society is oblivious to its own consciousness.

In this particular post, I’m going to go back to an older dream of mine. I’m going to examine certain dreams and how the consciousness broke down scenes and scenarios.

In this particular dream, I was still in middle school in the 7th grade.  My mom wanted to swap room with me because she sense I was leaving the house at night, so I had her master bedroom while she had my old room which was closer to the front door. I want to relate this dream because there were synchronize dreaming happening with my mom and I.

In my dream, I’m at some ‘school’ talking to the administrative agent. In my mind, the school was my middle school, yet the feeling within that dream, I wasn’t on planet earth anymore. I felt like I wasn’t on earth. I was on a space ship.


In real life, my mom went into the restroom, then she open the door to my room which woke me up. I heard her mumble under her breath that I was still “here” and sense relief from her.  I thought this was strange because I had a dream I was in “school” but I had the feeling I wasn’t on earth. I thought I’ll ask her when I’m fully awake in the morning.
I found my mom in the living room in the morning. I asked her what she meant when she said, “she still here” and why she open the door to my room. My mom told me she had a dream I left the house. She relate her dream to me and said it was quite vivid:

 She heard my footstep walking towards the front door and the door creaking opening. She got out of bed and look out from where the door was left opened. She saw me in my “night dress” shorts and an oversize shirt. She wanted to call me back into the house because she thought I was dressed inappropriately. I’m standing outside in the yard talking to a man that was taller than the average human man. He’s taking me somewhere.

Those two dreams were synced not in similarity but in the fact that I “left”. In my dream, even though the feeling was like I’m in school, the underlying feeling that I wasn’t on earth stood out to me.

I always had instances in my dream that I’m walking around the city at night with someone. I never really knew this person. I’ll illustrate another dream I had where my consciousness broke down the scene and I’m somewhere else. These dreams gave me a deeper insight to the very “goals” of a small group of globalist on Earth.

It’s nighttime and I’m looking below the cityscape from a craft in the sky. My eyes scan homes and buildings but it all looked like ‘poor’ under-develop construction to me. Though, I’m aware it’s a modern cityscape to them. The thought of living upon my own ‘shit’ with under water passage-way disturbed me. I don’t feel like I’m in my body. The scenes come to me in arial view.

Then I’m walking with someone on an empty street, still nighttime, the person next to me made me look up towards the sky. Scenes of constellation and ordinates comes to me in waves. Then scenes narrow in on various planets. I see planetary system with a global monarchy-like rule by a select few based on genetics. The government was united under this one ruling systems.

Another consciousness shift and I’m aware I’m lying in bed beside a guy. I understood that those images that flashes before my mind was him telling me everything telepathically. The communication wasn’t verbal it comes to me like my own thoughts in form of visual images and sense of knowing. I don’t know what about that communication that disturbed me, but I remember being outrage and I got on top of him to slap the his face. Then I realize the awkwardness of the situation which became sexualized. I sense he was the force (the mind) that catalyze this type of system and is proud of it on a galactic level. Nothing happen.

In my own reality, I never had this type of perception of our urban planning, mind you I was a sustainable architecture major because I’m interested in “off-the grid” architecture, I always saw certain cities on planet Earth as modern. My main focus was on one single independent building design not how the entire city’s infrastructure work e.g plumbing, electric, and so on in connection with the buildings. It afforded us human a relatively comfortable “temperature controlled” living, but remember I had this dream when I was a lot younger, I hadn’t mature and seen the world yet. I haven’t even travel outside of America at this point, and I’m like any other Americans, I saw my country as one of the most modern. During my travel to Laos, I went into that country with preconceived notion, and I was like any other American: I viewed the country as third world, poor, and struggling. However, my travel tells an entire story and I guess I should blame the media for shaping that world view. What made my stay in that country easy was the fact that I knew the language and that made communication easy (because ethnically I’m Laos and Vietnamese). Though it may be third world, I was the most happiest, and I would say it stem from the fact that I was away from the things that stress me in America and thrust into a world with good fresh “organic” foods, old architecture (temples), relax pace, warm climate, nature, and friendly people willing to help. This is a communist country yet I didn’t feel the government’s control. I only hear of draconian law that execute people that smuggle synthetic drugs into the country from Thailand, yet natural “drugs” like weed is permitted and “globe trotting” westerners engage in this fervently. So this mental perception in my dream was quite odd, I was overlooking a modern cityscape like America or any other developed nation, and I saw it crudely designed. The main thing that disturbed me was water passage-way with the inhabitants own waste underneath the city. They were living on their on their shit.

Then this dream started when I began high school, I guess I should call this dream “the bedroom intruder.”

In this dream, I feel like a robot responding to his action. We were making out on my bed. I’m on top of him just responding to his action without conscious thought. I see dark hair– In my mind, I’m aware of his presence from a future time-line, and somehow I got a mental impression of my own ‘outfit.’ It look like an old nightgown from a different period. As I understood it, an mental image and knowing came to me, I sense I’m wearing an antiquated style sleep wear. It was like a mental exchange and I’m aware of this. Then I notice his chest was bare, and I realize he had his outfit pulled down pass his hips. It look like silver or dark metallic grey uniform body suit. Then I become aware of his erect penis and understood his intention. My conscious ‘observing’ mind became alert and was surfacing out of a hypnotic robotic response. Then I sense an urgency for him to ‘finish’ what he intended to do, while fear crept into me and I’m fighting to regain conscious control. He quickly slipped ‘it’ and the next thing I knew, I was lying in a puddle of wetness, a portal has open in the middle of my bedroom and he jump through.

When I woke up, the dream was so vivid I had to check myself, and I see I’m wearing a red and white strip cotton nightgown that’s not antiquated and I’m not lying in a wet spot. I was pretty ignorant of sex and sexuality then because I was so young (or simply didn’t care unlike my friends), and this was before my sex-ed class where the teacher would traumatize us with STDS photos of deformed pus-warty-genitals, forms of contraceptive, and birth video. During this time, I had a lot of mission-like dreams of jumping in-and-out of portals and dimension. Like one dream where I’m waiting for the same guy on a planet that been blown into rotating large chucks of rocks; it was like I was aware of portals and planetary grid-systems and I had a message to delivery to him but more like a warning.

Let’s continue with other past dreams, I call this the “mirror dream” and this dream directly affects my self perception:

I’m lying down asleep within my ‘dream’ someone place a mirror in front of me. Mentally I felt someone in my mind while my conscious in push back. I’m aware I’m lying naked looking at my own reflection in the mirror. My sexual self-image is heighten and I’m aware of that part of me.

There are particular dreams that felt very much like a screen memory, while one incident was happening I remember sensing others in the background a different scenario, for example:

I’m in a yoga classroom full of people and mirrors. My mom is doing yoga beside me. I’m lying down and felt very sleepy. There was intention for something to happen in that room because I can feel it off the others. The next thing I know is I’m levitating off the yoga matt. While that was happen, I realize while I’m in yoga class, the same familiar feeling of that “school” came to me. A space ship like feeling.

During the time I was in high school, I would have dream of seeing huge white building like a school with multiple dorms and rooms. The scene would be of me being train for various odd things unlike normal classrooms. I’m dreaming of people I’ve never seen before or interact with in my normal waking reality. Furthermore, I would always find myself submerge in water (in a water tank) or in a dark room given a task. While I’m to perform these tasks, there’s always someone from a remote distant asking me to accomplish certain tasks.

I’m lock in a small room. All I see is darkest but there’s a light pointed off some distant. I’m unaware of anything else but someone wanting me to bend a stream of ‘light’ into one with my mind. I’m able to focus and fuse the rainbow lights into one solid golden light. Then I sense excitement from a distant location.

and this dream

I’m given series of written tests. In the dream, I’m unaware of what the tests are because everything seem ‘drugged.’ I sense an instructor was aware of my high sore in something–I don’t know what it is–then I sense a girl getting frustrated and upset with the test results. I was taken aback my her emotional response. I felt I wasn’t ‘one of them.’

and this dream

I feel like we’re in a auditorium room and I’m among groups. It’s like a lecture room. There’s this male presence re-occurring that just doesn’t like me. So he berating me with insults me on some mental performance, it was something unimportant like a math quiz, the next thing I realize I got really mad and accidentally killed him with my mind. The group in the auditorium got quiet and quietly walk out.


First series of this dream, I’m with a group of kids that told me to practice talking with them without sound. I was telepathically talking to them while playing in some holographic game world.

Speaking of kids, I had this dream and for a long time I was obsess with building a special “school” on earth but more for America failing education system. This propel me into pursuing architecture taking the mantel like a suicide mission. This dream seem quite human with certain element of “mind control”:

I’m in a wooden cabin. There’s a group of us in the basement of this wooden ‘lodge.’ I sense from them special kids will inherit the world and we had to prepare for them. There’s one little boy situated on a plate-form. He was just a toddler. I come near to him and found myself ‘force’ into a bowing position and mentally aware this isn’t something I would do in a child’s presence. I sense from the little boy an ‘older soul’ with vast knowledge beyond his years taking on the embodiment of a toddler. He wanted to be worshiped and he had the mental strength where I found myself kowtowing to him. Yet he doesn’t have that innocent bubbly personalty of a normal child which brings smile to your face like puppies and children antics. 

I don’t remember the chronological order of the last dream. These next series of dreams started when I just entered college. I’m only recently writing these dreams down because they stood out to me; they don’t relate to anything I’ve ever encountered, seen, or experience in real life; they’re not a part of my worries in relation to real life scenarios; they go in series unlike my more normal mundane dreams of real subconscious release. And strangely enough, currently, I’m starting to see people from my dream appear to me in real life like one of my other dream, it should be place in this category of looking back because it was around the time I was in high school; the dream of me sitting on a bench outside a white corridor lost and unaware of my surrounding and a black male approaching me like he knew me.

I started to have this dream while I came back from my travel oversea. Check out the blog from Laos: Psychic Healer: Archonic Parasitic Invasion of Mind and Energy Body

I see one of my friend who’s a cheerleader form our high school football team. I knew she love fashion since she worked as associate at a clothing store. I’m in her room but it feels like that ‘school’ and ‘white building’ I’m always in. Her room was like a mini-store because her closet was the size of my room. The dream changed, I’m with a man that’s suppose to be husband. We’re driving around in a limousine in New York City. The scene changed once more, now we’re in bed, and something encourage me to have sex with him because it’s normal since he’s my husband. While having sex, I was mentally probed and encourage to have a huge orgasm, while on the break of having one. I sense someone losing control and the image and mental scenario fell apart. I became aware I’m not clutching bed-sheets but scratching at a metal table that I’m lying on. I’m suppose to be focus on the guy that was mentally known as husband, but I became aware someone is standing above my head to the left where I’m lying on the table. I realize he’s masturbating while this ‘thing’ that suppose to be my husband is having sex with me. I notice they looked ‘dark green’ and their penises looked ‘large and dark green,’ which I thought was a dark condom-like bag that collected semen. The guy above that control the mental perception moves in closer while showing me the dangling sperm bag. The emotion I felt from him was hate and loathing and dangling his sperm like it not meant for me but someone else. I sensed he wanted to have sex with me but I also sense high arrogant and superiority complex. (Prior to this dream, I came back from Laos and had a series of grey alien dreams. There were two, just like that green dick thing, and they were always trying to capture me.)

During this time in my life, I’m transitioning to be a senior in high school to college. It was the time I was going on college tours with my friends. Close to one campus was a New Age holistic healing place, I went in there with my friend as a joke to get a psychic reading. Sean did my reading and I was floored at how accurate he was about my life, unless he was watching me all his life, there’s no way he can know. But it was him that mentioned I was abducted or mentioned hinting of an incident in some wood. My life was normal–aliens didn’t exist and psychic abilities aren’t real. I found out later that Sean had a heart-attack that he was recovering from. This had me spiraling down the New Age community, even thought back in my early year of high school, my mom and uncle were teaching me ‘universal energy’ by the late Loung Minh Dang. Other than that life was pretty normal, and I found out about conspiracy theory to an art partner obsess with ancient aliens before the History channel started to board-cast shows about “ancient aliens.”

These dreams during college:

I’m lying in what feels like a dentist chair. I see a lights above me. Someone from afar told me to make it snow. Then snow starting to fall down from the darkness. I try to grab at the snow. As my mental perception understood, it wasn’t really dentist chair.

 and this dream

I sense something above my house like an alien space craft. I knew they were coming after me before they actually did. I ‘sense’ their energy and presence–they were war-like and it felt like a military ship. I’m running around the house to avoid them from coming after me, yet I knew it was useless. I felt fear.

I still don’t want to say I’m an abductee because it’s can’t be proven. So I guess I must join the ranks of those that are being labeled crazy, or as the scientific community tries to rationalize, it can be a cause by a neurological episode to induce abduction scenarios in the mind. Shamans have gone to alter state and seen beings that looked like greys, reptilians, and human; the forms changing as it goes. Yet those that have done research before me called them Archons–an extradimensional aliens. Researchers further claim that archons can inhabit the physical world as well with a physical vehicle call a body. That makes sense because we do call our decease “ghost” depending on your view of the afterlife.

As I was suffering from the “pressure” in my head, before I knew what I was dealing with, I went to an energy healer. Back to my root in “chi” and energy channeling, and I met a woman that was psychic as well as an energy healer, she sense it was extra-terrestrial. So now, I have two psychics–that don’t know one another–claiming I’m having alien interference. I then confess to her my dream of sensing a military-alien-space craft over my house. She said they DO interact with me at night but there’s nothing to fear because the war-like military presence was how they operate–very control amongst themselves, hierarchal, and very organize. She said I was psychically picking up on their skout ship–what were they skouting for? Psychic humans to control? Because she like Juelle also told me I’m psychic and she knew I was healer; however, the thing Juelle told was they can’t have someone that “open” it scares them and they have killed.

If I’m an abductee than how long have they interacted with me? It’s starting to make me thinks some dreams aren’t just dreams and having to see some “people” faces from my dreams in real life is like “mind rape.” It’s like destroying my normal comfortable simple world view. The experience has forced me “down the rabbit hole” as conspiracy theorists say.

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