Dream Analysis 5: The dream that save my life

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

–Edgar Allen Poe
Photograph by Me: Marathon Motor Work
Please read part 3 of Dream Analysis 4: Military and the CIA as it’s a continuation of my dream analysis.

In the last blog entry, I discuss in depth the military aspect of my dreams. In those odd dreams the same element is played out: I’m in a unit using advance psychic abilities in military style operation; the unit always consist of three highly psychic women mind- melded into one consciousness; there’s aspect of shift in consciousness and huge industrial complex. I’m seeing through the eyes of someone, an agent, who is investigating joint human and alien operations. It’s a coincident that I would dream first before I researched into alien abduction and military abduction. I’m not a conspiracy theory buff, ever since my dreams, I’ve became obsess with dreaming and discovering details from researchers like Dr. Karla Tuner, Dr. Roger Leir, Dr. Corrado Malanga, and Harvard psychiatrist John Mack. I listed those names because their position in our society gives them more credence then someone like myself who would be label as one of those crazy conspiracy theorists. So do I believe in aliens? The possibility of them are so high. All I know is the human mind has to evolve beyond this control reality, and it deals with inner consciousness. Even as my fellow human look towards the stars for signs of life from beyond, it’s best to look inside ourselves and this planet. They are already here. As I notice on shows like Ancient Alien on the History channel, it’s shows like these that are slowly acclimating the general population to their presence. There was one incident that my best friend and I had–she started to dream the dreams I dreamt. In those dreams, she said the “alien” projected their minds into hers–they look like us–but their eyes… check it out in the archive Synchronize Dreams. And similarly, an excerpt of Carlos Castaneda’s, on his shamanistic journey, The Teaching of Don Juan:

“‘No, they don’t do it that way. That’s idiotic!” don Juan said, smiling. “They are infinitely more efficient and organized than that. In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators engaged themselves in a stupendous manoeuvre stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist. A horrendous manoeuvre from the point of view of those who suffer it. They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators’ mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now.”[sic]

Let’s continue with this post:

In reality, during the time I worked at my friend’s restaurant, I would see these people from my dreams appear to me in real life. As I kept on the facade of normalcy to not cause a commotion or have my mental state be questioned, I was experiencing mind-fuckery on a level beyond normal.
As a server, it’s always advise to be able to control your table but it’s a little hard to do when these “group” clearly wanted to control you. Let me illustrate their tactics of “mind game” and the distract methods:

An older man came in the restaurant with his “family,” I see a young man and woman with him. They weren’t conspicuous in any way–looked like a normal family. I go over to attend to their table but I had other guests waiting on me as well. While he points at the menu, I notice my mind has gone to hypnotic state, then he asked me to tell him what’s in a particular dish. I noticed he’s pointing at the wrong food item–this broke me out of that hypnotic state. I notice he looked surprised or startled when I regain my “mind”.  At this time, I realize I need to start taking control of this table because the man is taking too much of my time (I had other guests waiting on me). I corrected the man and pointed to him the item he “actually” mentioned because he was pointing at the wrong food item this whole time asking me what’s in it. I excuse myself and went behind a counter station to get beverage out to my other guests, while I was dispensing coke in cup, a memory emerge that I long forgotten. It was a memory of a traumatic “jungle gym” childhood experience coming through when I use to live in California. I felt like I was in a trance, I quickly snapped out of it, and I looked up to the table with the family because the young man was talking about being bully on a “jungle gym”. He was talking about an experience I had as a child as if it were his experience. (I know some would just call it coincidence.) There were other experiences like this, someone would distract me while someone at the table would mention intimate details of my life while the memory surface to my conscious mind. There’s no way of knowing those details unless, miraculously, there’s a technology that can scan all of my memories and experiences.  This was when I further started to look into Targeted Individual symptoms: they call this “stage act.”   

It’s said that the Illuminati members, also known as the hidden controllers (archons), are aware of the natural meta-physical abilities and how our mind work. The human potential to manifest telepathy, empathy, pre-cognition, and telekinesis among others. They train to distinguish their minds from others. They can work in this secretive way because we would never acknowledge these meta-physical abilities that’s natural in us all. They also possess these abilities and vying on our ignorance of it so they can easily control us. It’s like those flashes of brilliance that came to you suddenly. Are those thoughts yours or broadcast from somewhere else? ( I’ll post another entry on how to train your mind. It’ll help you regain your own consciousness and fight against mind control.)  

Dream of stage and theaters with actors/ actresses:

I’m a audience member. I see actors and actresses rehearsing back-stage. I see one boy from my ‘sustainable design’ class. The image change and I see him showing me a facebook page. I still sense these people replaying scenes and mock emotions around me in the background. The facebook page is of Chung-Li from street fighter with her hair in two buns, then the image change, he changed the status of the girl’s relationship to one with him. The girl is not Chung-Li it looks like a pale blond girl with a Skrillex hair-cut.

During these time in my life, I was dreaming of theater environment a lot. I would see red curtain in the dreams, being on stage, and being backstage. I’m always surrounded by these group of people that were actors and actresses. Around this time in my life, I started to hear voice sublimely in my mind playing repeatedly like a commands or psychologically saying insulting things to target my self-image or insecurities. I thought I was going crazy when I heard the voices so I tried to bring myself into a quiet room and listen but heard nothing. It was only when I’m around noises was when the voices would start quietly playing in the background of my mind. It’s like the wernicke and borca area in my brain weren’t translating the correct sounds for my comprehension. Overall, it wasn’t noticeable and it didn’t hinder my daily activities.


Then my perception of reality started to changed, there were incidences where I’ll look at my co-workers and friends like they were “replaced” or alien. They looked synthetic or plastic and I’m overcome with irrational fear. I remember an incident on my way to class where I stop by Rite-Aide and had a strange mind altering experience. (I’m studying architectural engineering at a local university.) I stopped by Rite-Aide to buy note-pads, while I pass the women’s magazines, I glance at the image and stopped: the women looked frightening and feral like a wild animal; I was scared of their eyes because it struck fear in me, yet logically I know this not how I normally respond to seeing Glamour. I normally saw women’s magazine and the models as beautiful so there was that instant recognition that this isn’t my normal perception. While I was trying to logically understand this mind altering experience, I walked towards the check-out lane and a suspicious tall black woman in a full body jump-suit (on a hot day) walked pass me asking one of the associates where’s the women’s magazine.
Then I had this very lucid-out-of-this-world dream:

From the depth of my mind, I hear a male voice saying all kind of hateful degrading insults to me. I sense the male to my left-side and I feel the hate radiating off of him. In this dream, I felt drugged within a dream yet my awareness was observing and always aware of my surrounding. I realize I’m drugged and asleep. The male voice to my left continues to berate me. I thought I was on a dumpster moving uphill, but I realize I’m on a tall guy’s back while he’s carrying me. The surrounding is dark. My consciousness understands that the male insulting me to my left was shorter than his ‘friend’ carry me off. There were three of them. They were abducting me and taking me to a fighting arena. The guy carrying me was nicer to me than his mate. I got the sense that there was some kind of relationship between me and the guy carrying me, and his mate didn’t like this and I saw how he viewed his mate and myself. I sense imminent danger. 

Then someone spoke to me that drawn out the hateful male’s insults. It’s an older ‘man’. My perception of the current situation became more expanded. The older man’s consciousness existed on a higher ‘dimensional’ plane. As he spoke, my mind shifted upward and it felt like I levitated away from the male that was carrying me. I saw three male walking uphill towards a battle arena. They were training to fight in this area, it seem other worldly, and I seem to be in a plane that they can’t access from. I kept watch of the guy carrying me. Then the ‘older male’ spoke to me: ‘keep your consciousness out of their world’ yet it wasn’t a verbal language, it came to me like a knowing and a warning he wanted me to know. He wanted me to be able to shift myself out of their world so they can’t harm me.

When I awoke, I was going on with my daily life of working at my friend’s restaurant and going to classes to finish my degree. After I left my chemistry class, I relaxed at the university library and getting ready to drive over to my next class located at another building off campus. I had a light conservation with two guys in the medical field–one with a silly looking mustache. I caught Mr. Mustache said she’s broken. During this time, I notice I kept seeing “blue light” floater from my peripheral vision. When I try to focus on these blue spots it disappears, so I brushed it off as my bad vision (even though I had glasses on) or floaters in my eyeballs. I walked to the parking lot and had a sense something wasn’t “right.” I cursed under my breath, “damn time-traveler” I don’t know why I would say that. I got in my car, the feeling “something wasn’t right” linger, and started driving onto the main road before I realize I had a flat tire this entire time. During this moment my mind went into an altered state again, I saw the green light, but in my minds eyes, I sense someone coming from my left side so I started to slow down even though it was a green light and the road was mine. Then I saw him, an extremely pale guy (looks like he’s never seen the sun) with dark hair in a baseball cap, going beyond the speed limit. I  slowed down and just stared at him zooming by like he wasn’t going to stop, so I stop completely at the green light while he slammed on his brake from the left lane, and quickly lower his head so I can’t see his face. I knew in that instant that if my mind didn’t expand and shift I wouldn’t see him coming in my mind eyes, and I would have gotten into a seriously fatal car accident considering how fast he was driving.
I was clearly shaken by that possible accident. During this time, I started to notice “Masonic” emblem on people cars more frequently than I did before. An older man saw my situation and came by to help replace the flat tire with a spare one from my trunk.
But the headache that I’m currently seeing a neurologist for didn’t start yet until I was in my calculus class which I had to take to get into my core engineering classes. I complain to my professor that I can’t be in class because of a headache. He told me I can go home and rest. On my way to the parking lot, I stared up at the sky and saw flocks of birds flying in a vortex, some flew in confusion and fell halfway from the sky while trying to correct itself in mid-flight from falling. Then a student caught my attention and he started to talk about the things I was searching and researching on. He said he knew about the Illuminati from the music industry. He said they were making clones underground. Then he tried to ask me out on a date. Anyway, this was the start of my headache that’s located on the left lateral side of my head. It has built up to become its own conscious hub. Since I can’t find relief from migraine medication, I’ve been returning back to my studies as an energy healer. This whole experience has made me become more intuitive. I know what I’m dealing with now. (I will tell you all this in the conclusion of this series.)


This dream will set the stage for my next personal research:

I see rows and rows of computers–people working with computers. It looks like someone’s work place. It’s dark. I’m in an old crumpling building, and I’m talking to a guy I’m familiar with. I can’t remember the conversation. I can’t remember the exact details. I talk to this guy and I sense the starry night above us. The space enclose us in crumpling brick.

In reality, I have forgotten that “dream.” I have found a job at a marketing company located inside an antiquated building that renovated for office spaces. The place is called Marathon Motor Work. The president of the marketing company is Russian, which reminded of my “Russian Christmas” dream. I was in the stage of training to be a manager. We would have our team building exercises. During this time when I’m around certain co-workers, my sense of smell would be oddly triggered to smell something else. However, it was this one particular moment during our conference meeting, I stared out the window and looked down below. The dream I didn’t pay much attention to rush back to me vividly–my co-worker broke my train of thought and asked me what I was I thinking about.
This whole “psychotic” episode culminated in an experience at an architecture firm. You can read that experience on The Curious Case of The Architecture Firm.
To be continued…

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