Dr. Roger Lear (March 15, 2014)

As I published my post on Psychic Healer: Archonic Parasitic Invasion of Mind and Energy on March 15, 2014. Today is March 16, 2014, I just discovered the Doctor is no longer with us. I wanted to reach out to the late Doctor and possibly interview him.
Dr. Roger Lear, a medical surgeon, has been removing anomalous object found in patients silently suffering from alien abduction experiences trauma and social stigma of coming forth with their stories. All of his patients’ identity is kept secret, but information on the objects and procedure to remove the implants are all on his websites.
Dr. Roger Lear’s website:

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Olive is Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with 14 years of experience in Energy Medicine under the late Master Loung Minh Dang's Human and Universal Energy healing modality; a psychic that uses her abilities within the light side to aid humanity in healing and transformation, an artist by hobby and trade.

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