11 Steps to Raise Your Vibration with the Food You Eat

Want to know how to raise your vibration with the food you eat? Read on! Raising your vibration may seem intimidating, especially when we talk about the food we eat. Everybody loves food, whether it’s fast food, a childhood favorite, cheese, everyone loves it. BUT you may not know that what you are eating is affecting your vibrational frequency. Yes, food affects us in more ways than just the physical. So, what is the diet to raise your vibration? Well, eating foods that are “ALIVE and […]

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Herb Of The Day: Panax Quinquefolius (American Ginseng)

Most American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) goes to Asia, often packaged in red, white, and  blue. So why is American ginseng big in the land that has its own ginseng (Panax ginseng)? Several reasons. First, ginseng has been a leading herb in traditional Chinese medicine for millennia. By the early 18th century Asian ginseng was already extremely hard to get–and demand was fierce. Export of American ginseng to China began in the early 1700s. (Though highly regarded by Native Americans, American ginseng was part of the United […]

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aloe vera

Herb Of The Day: ALOE VERA

If the old stories are true, one of Cleopatra’s beauty secret was aloe. The ancient Egyptians recognized the healing properties of this herb and also used it as one of the ingredients in embalming fluid. The plant was introduced into Europe in the tenth century, where over time it became an important ingredient in many herbal medicines. Aloe arrived in the West Indies in the 16th century and is still widely grown there. The fleshy herb is today a component of modern cosmetics and health care products ranging from hand and face creams to shampoo. In cool climates, aloe is often grown in conservatories or as a houseplant. Potted aloe plants are a common sight in many kitchen, where the leaves are within easy reach to apply to minor burns. Freshly snipped aloe leaves are the ultimate homegrown first aid.

aloe vera

Usage: They have a soothing effect on minor cuts and burns, dry or chapped skin, sunburn, and insect bites.

Traditional and Current Medicinal Uses

There are more than 300 species of Aloe, but only a few have traditionally been used as herbal medicines. These include Aloe Perryi from northeastern Africa and A. Ferox from South Africa. But it is Aloe Vera that tops the list as the aloe with the widest use. Both the Greeks and the Romans used it for treating wounds. During the Middle Ages, the yellow juice found in the leaf skin, was favored as purgative or cleansing properties. Throughout history, Aloe Vera’s value has largely been divided between these two distinct therapeutic roles–as purgative and as leaf gel to heal wounds.

The clear gel found inside the fleshy leaves is used for treating minor burns, woods and certain skin conditions such as eczema and ringworms. The healing properties of aloe gel were popularized in Western countries in the 1950s, when much was made of the plant’s ability to heal burns–including even radiation burns. The soothing effect of the gel is almost immediate, and it forms a coating over minor wounds that seems to help prevent infection. In Indian Ayurvedic medicinealoe gel is considered an important tonic for excess pitta (meaning “fire”).

The source of aloe’s other major role in herbal medicine is the bitter, yellow liquid that is derived from the outer layer of its leaves. Known as drug aloe, aloe latex, aloe juice, or aloe sap, it has a powerful purgative effect. (It should not be confused with aloe gel-containing product as sold aloe juice.) Because of its intensely bitter taste, the latex was recommended for a time as nail-biting deterrent to be painted on the fingertips of children. Aloe is one of the most commonly used herbs in the United States.

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Herb Of The Day: ALFALFA (Medicago Sativa)

Alfalfa Leaf Tea $5.69 Alfalfa Leaf Tea Organic Alvita Tea 30 Bag Herb Of The Day: ALFALFA (Medicago Sativa). Or Lucerne as it is often called in European countries, is a member of the pea family and crop for animals. The name alfalfa derives from the Arabic name for the plant, al-fac-facah, which the Spanish changed to “alfalfa.” Most people associate alfalfa with animal fodder, but the leaves have been eaten raw or cooked as vegetable for centuries in many cultures. They are rich in protein, […]

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Dream Analysis 6: Looking Back

No trace of slavery ought to mix with the studies of the freeborn man. No study, pursued under compulsion, remains rooted in the memory. –Plato Image silhouette Please read part 4 of Dream Analysis 5: The Dream That Save My Life as this is a continuation of the blog series. It’ll help you understand the post as I proceed. As I wrote my last blog entry, I’m coming closer to the truth of how they operate. There’s technological involvement, I’m sure of it, but there’s also element that’s […]

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Dream Analysis 5: The dream that save my life

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before. –Edgar Allen Poe   Photograph by Me: Marathon Motor Work Please read part 3 of Dream Analysis 4: Military and the CIA as it’s a continuation of my dream analysis. In the last blog entry, I discuss in depth the military aspect of my dreams. In those odd dreams the same element is played out: I’m in a unit using advance psychic abilities in military […]

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Dream Analysis 4: Military and the CIA

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.                                       –Murphy’s Law Please read part 2 of Dream Analysis 3: Human Programming and Mind Control as it’s a continuation of the last article. The last blog entry was about the Horus-Ra dream and conscious shift that happened to me. How the Horus-Ra personality took over while my main personality was shifted to the background as an observer. The heighten psychic abilities […]

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Dream Analysis 3: Human Programming and Mind Control

English: Information Awareness Office logo; from http://www.darpa.mil/iao/ (Currently down, see archived page: http://web.archive.org/web/20020802012150/http://www.darpa.mil/iao) Category:Images of official seals (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet. –Mahatma Gandhi Please read part 1 Dream Analysis 2: The Great White Brotherhood as this is a continuation of the first article. I want to delve deeper into conscious shift and mind control, since I’ve been experiencing this headache 2½ years non-stop (24/7). I’ll go ahead and discuss the things that were happening when the headache started and prior to the […]

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Dream Analysis 2: The Great White Brotherhood

Image reference Nikki beach party The very word ‘secret’ is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and secret proceeding.   –President John F. Kennedy The first part of my dream interpretation: Dream Analysis 1: Let me go! The information I’m about to release may seem too fantastical, and I wouldn’t want your skeptical mind to change. The majority of you wouldn’t believe me and I have nothing to lose […]

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Psychic Experience Paranormal Mysterious Entities

Apparition by Gustave Moreau: Musée d’Orsay Extra-sensory abilities are more common and natural than you might think. Though some may scoff at the idea of psychic abilities as some fantastical imagination given to Marvel to produce X-Men characters. As I type this entry on psychics and the paranormals, a “little birdy” gave me a telepathic information, the word popped in my mind–Brookhaven National Laboratory₁ (By the way, I don’t trust this “little birdy” because it has lied to me before.) I know nothing about Brookhaven National Laboratory; therefore, […]

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