Ancient Egyptian’s Connection to Energy Work (The Orion Hand)

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Chakra picture produced by AuraStar2000TM bio-energy sensor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chakra picture produced by AuraStar2000TM bio-energy sensor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I decided to make in “oath to myself”–a promise if you will.

When I was 14 years old, I was initiated as an energy healer by my grandpa who was representing the late Master Luong Minh Dang “Universal Healing” concept; I’m now 29 years old. This healing modality was introduced to me before I found myself in the New Age metaphysical community and came across other Reiki healers. They taught us this concept of “Universal Energy” and practitioners view the energy as free and limitless. This concept, as popular culture conceives, is very much like Star Wars the “force”. I know eastern philosophy was integral in George Lucas sci-fi cult classic series.

In this article, I’m going to focus on the form of schooling I was taught and that is Universal Healing.

Most energy workers, as part of the metaphysical community, come into this teaching with an understanding of what “Energy Work” is. These future initiates knew of Chakra, Aura, Qi, and life force as a concept before they took the initiation and practice the work. I was thrust into it unaware and naive which is a very dangerous thing. That’s why I’m making an oath and ethic to myself when I work on people’s energy field. These are the 4 pillars of ethics:

1. I should never treat patients energy field a.) without scanning the body and accurately finding the illness and b.) if their illness is beyond my capabilities.
2. Seal patience aura after each session (because this may leave them open to attachments)
3. Never do healing work when I’m not feeling well
4. Don’t be a healer for profit

I want to relate to you, how I made a connection with an ancient force that connects this concept of Universal Energy, and it’s the connection with ancient Egypt,

When I was 14, I would visit my uncle’s home when grandpa visited from California, and we’ll normally have dinner or I’ll watch him initiated a group; then, I’ll be back in American high school as if all this was very normal part of my Asian roots. However, now that I look back to the room full of initiates including Buddhist monks and my mom, I realize the room was full of Egyptian symbology.

Now, that I’ve advanced into higher levels of healing including remote healing, third eye scanning of bio-field for diagnosis, and personally dealt with parasitic entity attachments from ET sources; I can say this all ties back to Ancient Egyptian and The Orion. The Orion were the ET group that colonized ancient Egypt not modern Egypt or as it was once called Kemet. I got this information from a past-life regression were I was the priest that prepare royal funeral rites for The Sun God Ra. I also gather information that Imhotep is not a human being (just like Petter Higgs is not human but he won The Nobel Prize in Physic 2013 with François Englert), and that in high-level Masonry Hiram Abiff and especially Imhotep was highly regarded in Masonic history, so this all ties in with what many stumble upon online in regards to elite conspiracy theory and The Illuminati bloodline and its Masonic connection.

This article isn’t going to be about The Illuminati or The Masons and its alien connection.

I want you guys to observe the healing manuals I’ve got during my initiation rites because when I got initiated, there were many images of ancient Egypt on the walls and the manuals below:

orion healing

This is the image of The Goddes NUT swallowing The Sun God RA. Egyptologist stated that NUT represents the celestial body and RA passing through the sky to be reborn again. As shown, there were points on her body representing the 7 chakra points and stars point representing the body’s ley lines. Please read my article Chakra Awareness Guide: 7 Main Energy Centers to learn about each point. The visual of NUT was to aid first-time initiates like my 14-years-old self into learning about energy points.

More images including the universal mandala of hieroglyphics and the bird head Sun God Ra, celestial sky Goddess Nut, the pantheon of Gods and Goddesses, with humans and animals in the center of this Universe.

There goes my beginner level introduction into Universal Energy along with a certificate by the late Master Luong Minh Dang.

pyramid healing
The written material gets into the basic of energy work that is to the equivalent of Reiki I.

This is where things get interesting.

Some years ago, I slip into the Downtown Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN during the city’s monthly “Art Crawl”. It’s a monthly free gallery exhibition funded by the city.

I was shocked by the Egyptian Revival Style in its architecture. I’ve studied architecture design, so I’m not surprised by an era being revive through architecture styles, because we see it all the time like Neo-Classical Revival in many American governmental buildings. It’s the ancient association with Egypt and the occult. Someone mentioned I stumble into an Illuminati church.

At the pulpit, behold The Wing Sun Disc in worship of The Sun God. There was an older man giving us a tour of the church and its history saying the church was commissioned by a wealthy woman after her trip aboard. This was an era where many discoveries were being found in Egypt. The site first congregate for worship in 1816, and it wasn’t until 1822 when the Rosetta Stone was translated. The church actually had to be rebuilt in the same year after a fire burnt it down in 1832.

I quickly snapped a picture of the stair leading to a giant bell.

All in all, this ties in with ancient Egypt connection with the Orion Group and energy manipulation, as well as, the technique of the Orion Hand. Though the Orion group use this technique in their warfares, it’s similar to using the “force” in Star War to repel or kill an enemy. Please refer to my article Archonic Cancer: The Lies of Trinity-Fractal DistortionI was able to go into Delta brain wave state and channel an alien’s experience of using this palm energy killing methods.

Through the Orion Hand, you can remove the Synthetic Parasitic Entity SPE as coined by Lisa Renee a fellow energy worker and etheric surgeon of Energetic Synthesis. You gather the attached entity as it surfaces then pull it out of the light body; however, as someone who has this entity place into me, the Orion Hand was not a method I used, it’s a method to pull the attachment out of others, for your own self-removal process it will be different. The SPE embedded itself deeper into my brain trying to hijack the Central Nervous System for purpose of control by an alien handler. I highly suggest you read “The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave” because I will reiterate what “they” really are and how they operate in secrecy.

The SPEs are AI military programmable drones being used by ET’s military for voice activated mind control purpose. It’s all connected to alien military abduction also known as Milab by the popular term.

In a post of its own, I’ll further go into my SPE attachment experiences and how to remove it and bypass its programs.

The reason I write is to bring information to those that are seeking it for liberation. There is a war on our consciousness right now, and we have to take back our sovereignty by total removal of any AI attempts at robotizing our organic spiritual being by hijacking the brain. All forms of attachments or possession can be removed by your sheer will power to have it gone.

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